Toronto rapper Top5 is continuing to uphold his hard-earned reputation as a bit of a troublemaker — even as he sits behind bars for murder.

CTV News in Toronto has revealed that the drill rapper (real name Hassan Ali) has earned the wrath of the Ontario Solicitor General, who is now trying to determine how he was able to secretly shoot a music video for his latest song, which he dropped on Friday (June 23).

“The ministry is aware of an unacceptable incident involving a video posted online that appears to contain images of secure areas of the Maplehurst Correctional Complex,” Hunter Kell, a spokesperson for the Solicitor General, said in a statement. “Unauthorized photography of any kind is strictly prohibited inside provincial correctional facilities. The ministry has launched a full investigation into this incident and appropriate action will be taken.”

It is not clear, however, what penalties Top5 may face as a result of his “unauthorized photography.”

Top5 is currently in jail after being accused of murdering 20-year-old Hashim Omar Hashi back in January 2021.

He went on the run from the authorities and evaded capture until February 2022, when he was arrested in California and subsequently deported back to Canada.

The United States District Court for the Central District of California said Top5 identified as “a fugitive from the Government of Canada” and signed an affidavit of consent to extradition to his home country on December 9, 2021.

The rapper had been living it up in Los Angeles, California, promoting his new music after posting bail and cutting off an ankle monitor.

Courts confirmed Top5 was competent enough to “knowingly and voluntarily” give consent with a lawyer present. U.S. authorities also said Top is a member of the “Go Getem Gang” which has something to do with his alleged involvement in the shooting death of 20-year-old Hashim Omar Hashi. The accounting student was mistaken for a person the shooters thought killed Top’s brother, Said Ali, also known as “Foolish.”

Toronto Drill Rapper Top5 Wanted For Murder

Toronto Drill Rapper Top5 Wanted For Murder

“Ali subsequently discussed killing people in retaliation for his brother’s death on social media posts, including one less than three days before the murder,” court filings say. The courts also said Top is not suspected of being the gunman, but a passenger in the same vehicle.

Top was originally arrested as an accessory to murder charges in February 2021 but released on bail in late March.

One of the direct conditions of his bail was not to use Instagram but he continued to promote his music on the app proclaiming his innocence around the murder.

“The only run I know is the treadmill,” Ali responded with a laugh in a clip last year. “I didn’t do shit. Save that for God.”