Dom Kennedy and TeeFLii have linked up to sweet talk the special women in their lives on their collaborative track, “Lay You Down” — listen to it below.

Produced by Mike and Keys, Dom released the visuals to the feel-good track on Friday (June 23) alongside his longtime vocal collaborator.

Through the visual, both men embark on an event-filled day in Los Angeles that includes chatting to beautiful women, riding around in a lowrider and grabbing food from Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.

A little speedier than usual, Dom Kennedy might be rapping at a faster pace but still makes it so that his signature flow can shine through the uptempo track. While on the hook, TeeFLii’s unique vocals send the chord progression into another realm.

The new single is taken from the pair’s new album, I Love Stocker, which arrived on the same day as “Lay You Down.” Made up of 10 tracks, the West Coast collaborators keep the features light with just appearances coming from Diamond Ortiz and TROY NōKA.

Check out the new video below:

In other Dom Kennedy news, the L.A. rapper teamed up with The Game earlier this month to help start a unisex Summer Basketball league which will greatly impact college basketball players in the Los Angeles area.

Former Sacramento Kings player Pooh Jeter spoke to TMZabout Real Run College Basketball Summer League and how it was created. He emphasized that he wanted to connect with rappers from his area to truly kick things off within the program.

“I had this idea with the college league where I said, how ’bout I add the homies from the city that’s rappers,” Pooh Jeter said. “So I got with Dom Kennedy, and Dom Kennedy was like, ‘Aye bro, that is fire. Let’s do it.’ And I got with G Perico. And I got with Game. I hit up my brother Sonic. I said: ‘Sonic, what Game on?’ And Game was like, ‘Just make sure my team ain’t boo boo.’”

He added: “A lot of the rappers was like ‘Bro, this is something amazing, this is something that we can change the game with, especially in the inner city with the youth, both men’s and women’s athletes.’”

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Staying on the subject of L.A. rappers, Dom Kennedy revealed to HipHopDX in 2021 who his Top 3 MCs are from the City of Angels.

“That’s tough, but you know who they are honestly,” he said. “My favorite artist of all time out of any of this shit is DJ Quik, but if we just going pure rappers, it’s Snoop [Dogg], [Nipsey Hussle] and Ice Cube.

“Them would be people that it would be impossible to say we move forward without … It’s a lot of great ones, you know I coulda added Dot on there, Kendrick [Lamar], a lot of people. It’s at least three, four or five, me even being one of them. But I would say that those people, that’s who we needed to get the job done.”