Cardi B has recently claimed that she won’t be standing for Offset‘s mess, and will happily take him to divorce court — and find a rich replacement — if he gets out of line.

During a Twitter Spaces session on Saturday (June 24), the “Bodak Yellow” rapper made it clear that she won’t tolerate nonsense from any man — even her husband — no matter how much she loves him.

“I don’t be outside like that, so when I do be outside, these ballplayers, these rappers, and these dudes — they see me,” she began. “And their voices start trembling. They be nervous! Because I’m a bad bitch! You don’t got that — I got that.”

She continued: “So every time you try to bring turmoil to my marriage, I’m just saying, y’all know what’s gonna happen next. We’re gonna get a divorce, and people are gonna be mad nosey, and mad happy.

“I’m gonna make an album, and people are gonna wanna hear the album because of it. Another rich n-gga’s gonna cuff me. And what? What’ll be the point that y’all are tryna make?”

Offset later seemed to respond directly to Cardi B’s comments, first tweeting three laughing face emojis, then tweeting: “Fly like a bird.”

Though Cardi nor the ex-Migos rapper seemed to directly address it, there’s some suggestion that they were responding to Tasha K’s recent claims about Offset allegedly cheating on his wife.

On Friday (June 23), the disgraced blogger (real name Latasha Kebe) took to Twitter to post an undated video of a woman that, she alleges, has been sleeping with Offset since 2013.

The woman, whom Tasha K now claims is Suge Knight‘s girlfriend (even though the former Death Row Records CEO has been serving a 28-year prison sentence since 2018), allegedly took the video in Cardi and Offset’s Hollywood home.

Tasha K also shared a screenshot of what she claimed was a text conversation between herself and the former Migos rapper’s alleged side piece, who claimed that she shot part of the video on top of Offset and Cardi B’s daughter Kulture’s bed, who was born in 2018.

Tasha K made these claims just one day after she earned the wrath of Cardi B when she heavily implied that Bardi might have had something to do with the late TakeOff‘s unfortunate murder.

“Wasn’t she posting guns right after TakeOff died?? And on the internet, cutting up not long after his sudden takeoff? I’m just asking…Everyone grieve diff…” she wrote, to which Cardi immediately responded, warning Tasha K that she should refrain from speaking on the late rapper.

“And Tasha K with your despicable ass.. to bring up Takeoff to prove a fake ass point is disgusting,” Cardi responded. “I lost weight, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, me and my man STILL dealing wit that to to this day. I’m a rapper, we targeted all the time so of course I have guns for protection.

“But since you wanna be funny for comments, ima make sure your kid don’t go to college. You think my lawyers don’t know you hiding money in Africa? Ima make sure I get every red cent of my 4 mill. DONT EVER PUT TAKEOFF NAME IN YA MOUTH.”

Cardi B Gives Offset X-Rated Reason To Always Come Back Home

Cardi B Gives Offset X-Rated Reason To Always Come Back Home

Cardi followed up her criticism by hopping on Twitter Spaces and reminding Tasha K she still needs to pay up the $4million she is owed, despite the court asking Cardi to briefly halt her collection efforts while they sift through Tasha’s finances.

“[The Judge] said if you hide any money you’re gonna get in trouble by the court,” Cardi said. “Bitch you’re going to jail. You’re going to jail. You’re going to jail…And then muthafuckas wanna talk about that I was talking about her kids, no bitch! I wasn’t talking about no muthafuckin’ kids.

“Y’all love to twist a bitch fucking words. Y’all do that for your own convenience…You ain’t even gonna be able to put your kids through college…fuckin’ around. Look at the shit you have caused yourself with your muthafuckin’ mouth.”