Central Cee has earned high praise from fans and critics alike thanks to his electric performance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

His set, which took place on Saturday (June 24) in Somerset County, England, featured a rendering of his super-smash hit, “Doja,” which earned massive cheers from the live audience.

But it was the fans on social media — usually the toughest critics of all — that gave the “Sprinter” rapper the highest praise. A commenter on the BBC’s YouTube page praised Central Cee for “performing on these big stages with no backing track.” Meanwhile, a commenter on the 2Cool2Blog‘s Instagram post said that “I’m telling you now, he gonna be the biggest thing from UK if he isn’t already.”

Another commenter on the 2Cool2Blog Instagram post praised the West London native for doing the performance “off the top.” “He’s not doing karaoke!?!?! …..respect just went up for this dude,” the commenter said.

Check out Central Cee’s much-lauded performance below:

Central Cee’s choice to do his performance without a karaoke-style backing track will definitely earn him some respect from Hip Hop mainstay Busta Rhymes, who recently called out performers at the Lovers & Friends festival for performing with backing tracks.

Performing on the Bling Stage at last month’s Las Vegas festival, Busta acknowledged how the younger generation of artists have lost the art of live performance. According to the New York MC, his peers are “cut from a different cloth that they don’t manufacture anymore.”

“We come from a time where there was no additives. no unnecessary mixing, and diluting, and tampering with the holy, sacred, and pure,” he said to the crowd. “We [are] the holy, sacred and pure,” he added before launching into his verse from Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.”

In part, his perspective on young artists may be influenced by the high standard he and his peers felt was applied to them, and even more so due to his reputation as one of the most innovative Hip Hop artists.

Considering his lyrical skill and animated delivery, as well as his colorful and wild videos, it’s understandable why his expectations are so high.

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New Music Friday: New Singles From NAV, Lizzo & SZA, Central Cee, Babyface Ray & More

As for Central Cee, however, he recently earned high praise from Ruff Ryders’ First Lady, Eve, for his “Doja” record.

When Radio 1 DJ Tiffany Calver brought up Cee’s viral homage to Doja Cat  — which samples Eve and Gwen Stefani’s 2001 hit “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” — in a recent interview, Eve broke down her process for approving – or denying – the sample requests. For Cee, it was a no-brainer.

“He ate that record!” Eve began. “So for that record in particular, we were very involved because I don’t say yes a lot. We get probably two to three offers a month. It’s usually ‘Blow Ya Mind’ or ‘Who’s That Girl.’ Those are the two that we get.”

She continued: “But him… First of all, knowing and living in London, his name’s already been ringing and I liked him. I was like, ‘Yo, he’s a dope artist.’ And then we got the song and I was like, ‘This song is everything!’”